24 uur in Athene.

Onderweg naar huis, na het avontuur van eilandhoppen, hebben we een korte stop gemaakt in Athene. Deze stad heeft ons echt verrast en daarom willen we er zeker nog een keer terugkomen! Maar eerst zullen we jullie vertellen wat we in die 24 uur in Athene hebben gedaan.

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Our summer in Greece: part 3 (Paros)

Day 11: Arriving in Paros.

After a short trip (45 minutes) from Naxos, we arrived at 10:15 on Paros. The harbor was a bit more crowded than Naxos when we arrived. But, there were 3 ferries arriving, so it isn’t so strange… We had some issues to pick up our car. First we had to wait an hour and when we tried to lock the car, it wasn’t working. So they told us we should have a new car at 18:00.

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Our summer in Greece: part 2 (Naxos)

Day 6: Arriving in Naxos.

After a boat trip of 2 hours we arrived in Naxos. While walking from the boat to our pick up point for our car, the islands felt already relaxing. So who knows what the island will bring more…

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Our summer in Greece: part 1 (Santorini)

Day 1: Traveling

So our first day, traveling to Santorini. We had to wake up early due the fact that it was one of the most busiest days at Schiphol. We were leaving at 3 o’clock so we had enough time the get our plane, but we needed 30 minutes the get behind the customs. So enough time for a good breakfast. After this we took our flight to Santorini. Once we were in the plane, we had to wait 25 minutes before take off.

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